By practicing Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as well as oriental dance movements we dive into the rhythmic flow of our infinite energy. A woman’s body and her energy field are a source of creation. The spiral movement of female energy is complete in itself. For preserving and restoring health and joy there is no better way for a woman than to become aware of this constant, circular movement of her own energy and harmonize her strength and softness.

The kriyas and meditations carry us deep into ourselves and let us awaken to our physical, mental and soul body.

The soft, circular and womanly movements, which follow the kriya and meditation, let us sink into our emotions, feel and express them. We set ourselves free from inner conflict. Emotional commotion turns into harmonious rhythmic frequencies.

Since September 2017 you can join our regular classes on Wednesdays from 19:45 to 21:45 at Yoga Studio Zaprešić.

Sign up for 3-hour-workshops which are held at various locations in Croatia. Dates for workshops are published one month prior to workshops.

Pricing: 200,00 kn